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Релиз Mambo 4.6.3 !
Дек 24 2007 г., 14:05 CTPAHHuK для раздела Новости Mambo (11017)
Team Mambo анонсировала релиз очередной версии Mambo - Mambo 4.6.3. Релиз получил кодовое имя Dylan и позиционируется как bug and security fix release
  • Ключевые особенности релиза :
  • - Повышена безопасность и стабильность
  • - Повышена производительность
  • - Большое число исправленных ошибок
  • - Улучшена совместимость со сторонними расширениями
  • - Обновлены встроенные расширения

Что нового в Mambo 4.6.3...

Security Fixes:

*php mailer security fix.
*template chooser security fixes
*XSS fixes in administrator backed
*sample configuration file renamed to configuration.sample.php

Bug Fixes:

*fixed banner manager custom-code bugs
*fixed mambo admin template install problem
*fixed special vs. registered users menu access related problems
*fixed login component redirection
*fixed line breaks in emails in Mambo
*fixed missing links in pathway
*fixed problems with module ordering affecting menus
*fixed an xml parser problem in the installer
*fixed section module problems related to Itemid.
*fixed content editing resulting in overriding the article creator
*fixed incorrect escaping of weblinks' titles, description


*mostlyce upgraded to 2.4
*mostlydbadmin upgraded to 1.5
*geshi upgraded to
*enhanced editor initializing
*enhanced weblinks component, so the target param is not confusing anymore
*updated the sample data so Mambo links will be up-to-date with the recent Mambo sites changes
*Some XHTML compliance work
*added option to block the blocked users in the mass email
*added mosshowhead and some helper classes to select/exclude head tags
*added module buffering
*added the ability to delete superadmins
*added search feature in language manager
*added onAfterStart mambot trigger
*compressed js and css files for improved performance

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